Valeco inaugurates its first power plant in Canada: Biomont Energie

Valeco inaugurates its first power plant in Canada: Biomont Energie

The Biomont Energie cogeneration plant was inaugurated on Monday 16th October 2017, before some 80 persons and in presence of Mr. Pierre Arcand (former Minister of Energy and Natural Resources),

Mrs. Anie Samson (borough mayor of Villeray-Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension)[1]. The plant is located near the limits of the Frederick-Back Park, inside the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex and very close to Tohu and Cirque du Soleil facilities. This site is well suited for the recovery of biomethane gas emanating from the former landfill (covered in 2014) and its transformation into electrical power (4.8 MWs) which is being sold to Hydro-Quebec, while at the same time providing heating (5.2 thermal MWs) to the close-by facilities of Tohu and Cirque du Soleil.

As pointed out by Mrs. Anie SAMSON, “the Biomont project plays an integral role in the rehabilitation plan of the neighborhood (the Frederick-Back

park, whose first section has just been inaugurated, covers the old Miron quarry transformed into a landfill site in 1968 and closed to putrescible waste since 2000) and takes the benefits of technology to the population”. In the Frederick-Back Park, biogas traps are shown to their best advantage and are constant reminders of the neighborhood’s history and roots. Jean-François MICHAUD (Senior Advisor, Corporate Social Responsibility with Cirque du Soleil) looks at this site conversion as an “integrating expression of the Saint-Michel community”.

Such a “mobilizing project” and “industrial ecology”, as defined by Mr. Pierre Arcand, proves that “technological innovation and environment should go hand in hand”. Biomont Energie will also contribute to the energy transition initiated by the government of Quebec which aims at “transforming the economy of Quebec” thus making the province a leader in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency (two of the target goals of this policy are: increasing bio-energy production by 50% and renewable energy production by 25% by 2030). CENTRALE BIOMONT ENERGIE CANADA

The president of Valeco indicates that the BIOMONT consortium (VALECO, EOLECTRIC and FONDACTION, with the financial partnership of IAM Private Debt) has invested more than $23 million that should be amortized over a 20-year period […] using an immovable industrial tool, ready to produce clean energy and benefits over the next 25 years”. Leopold Beaulieu (founder of FONDACTION) also welcomes this fine achievement which summarizes perfectly the general objective of FONDACTION, namely “enhancing social, economic and environmental development to build a dynamic, plural and responsible economy”.

Marc-Antoine RENAUD (Strategic Development Vice-President of EOLECTRIC and Vice-President of Biomont Energie) points out that the very name of the street where the plant is located has an important meaning. In French, “Les Regrattiers” are people trading second-hand foodstuffs. BIOMONT is giving a second life to this former quarry, later converted into a landfill site, by trapping and transforming the methane emitted by putrefying waste, which is 30 times more harmful than CO2.

[1] and representatives Mr. Nicola di Iorio (Member of Parliament Saint-Léonard–Saint-Michel) and Mr. David Heurtel (Member for Viau).